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Residential Replacement and Remodel

Are your windows and doors drafting, difficult to operate, and ready to be replaced? With over 60 years of experience throughout Southern Colorado, C&O Window and Door is your window and door replacement experts. We provide you with a full turn-key solution to to help you decide what products are best for your home, backed with the best in-house installation services in Southern Colorado, and on-going support to ensure long-lasting, energy efficient windows.

Replacement Window Process

1) Discovery Process

Each project begins with a discovery process to understand your unique needs for your project. Tell us about your specific needs to meet your design, performance, aesthetic, and security needs.

2) In-Home Consultation

C&O offers free* in-home consultations. When we come to your home, we measure and discuss each opening to ensure we are providing you with the best products and installation technique for your project. 

3) Proposals and Design

Our expert sales staff will take each of your specific needs and generate timely proposals to conform to your window and door expectations and your project's budget. Once approved, C&O will review your project details with you to ensure every aspect of your project is addressed. Upon a signed contract and a down deposit, your project will enter our work-flow for ordering and installation. 

4) Final Measurements for Ordering

Measure twice and cut once is always the carpenter's motto. All of your window and door products will be custom ordered with your unique product sizes and options. Therefore, we want to do everything we can to ensure the products are ordered with the correct sizing and specifications. We will come to your home one more time to verify all measurements and review your product and installation details in accordance with the contract. 

5) Order Products

Once the design and proposals have been agreed upon, your products will be ordered for custom manufacturing to your specific criteria. Our staff will work closely with your construction schedule to ensure the products are delivered on time. 

6) Scheduling

Please allow approximately 8 - 12 weeks from the time of a signed contract for your project to be scheduled for installation. Once your products have been received, C&O performs a thorough inspection of all the products to ensure order accuracy and products have not been damaged in transit. Once inspected, you will be contacted to set up delivery and installation of your products to align with your schedule. 

7) Delivery (Optional)

Your window and door products will be delivered with any requested flashing and installation materials to align with your construction schedule. Typically, C&O will hold back your screens and hardware for safe-keeping during the course of construction. 

8) Installation (Optional)

Installation can either be supplied by your contractor or C&O Window and Door. Either way, C&O is here to support you through the installation process to ensure you have the best experience with your window and door products. We will work with you to ensure every detail of installation and flashing is covered to provide long-lasting performance from your products. 

9) Service and Support

After your windows are installed, you can always count on C&O Window and Door and your chosen window and door manufactures to stand behind your products and services. Service and support should be painless, quick, and easy and we are here to help you through that process. 

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